• TFiA Order Flow Matrix is the best software available to enable traders to make consistent profits. Provided traders are not too greedy, they will be able to trade order flow futures for small but consistent profits.
  • TFiA Order Flow Matrix enables traders to avoid traps set by professional Imitational traders who regularly attempt to flush the retailers out from the action.
  • TFiA Order Flow Matrix enables traders to trade more safely with a retail account.
  • TFiA Order Flow Matrix enables traders to trade with the institutions, rather than against them.

The team who built it

Sandy Sehgal and Bob Amico are TFiA’s team of two head traders who have both achieved incredible track records as traders in the futures market.

Sandy has worked at JP Morgan, Citibank, Merrill Lynch and Santander before starting his trading journey in 2003. During this time, he has achieved some impressive milestones, including being a member of a team of three traders that was the No.1 ranked trade room of 2015.

Another one of our senior traders has had a 30-year career on Wall Street where he achieved the million-dollar producer designation and has managed major hedge funds. He brings a wealth of information as well as trade ideas ranging from options to equities – as well as esoteric investments.

Last year, Sandy and Bob joined forces with two industry developers to bring to the market by far and away the best order flow software product that traders have ever seen.

Prior to developing this exciting software, Sandy and Bob had over 4 years’ experience in using 5 different order flow software products. So they put their heads together to combine the best features and benefits contained in each of the products they had been using. The result is a truly amazing product.

TFiA Order Flow Matrix contains all the good features and none of the bad. The team have also incorporated some new key features which were lacking in other software.

TFiA Order Flow Matrix is the highest rated product in the market

Not only is TFiA Order Flow Matrix the best product available, but it also the most reliable. There are none of the glitches and annoying crashes that are commonplace with rival products. Once you try out TFiA Order Flow Matrix, you will never want to use any other.