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“The most sophisticated and reliable Order Flow software in the market.”

> Rip open a candle to find great trade locations.

> Make better trade decisions in real time.

> Level the information field between institutions and retail traders.

> See the markets completely naked.

> Avoid a retail flush and improve your stop management.

By using the TFiA Order Flow Matrix you will have access to a huge amount of trading data that wasn’t previously available. You will have more detailed information that will enable you to refine your entries and exits.

Look inside a candle and see this extraordinary information to take your trading to the next level.

What is Order Flow?

Order Flow is a new and exciting revolution in the way retail traders can execute orders in the futures market. Up until recently, traders relied on Fundamental Analysis (analysis of the economy, industry conditions the financial health of companies etc.); and Technical Analysis, (historical analysis of security’s market activity); to predict the flow of orders into the market.

Although these two methods of analysis are still essential tools in the successful trader’s armoury, there is now a crucial third tool for the retail trader.

Order Flow Trading.

TFiA Order Flow Matrix enables the trader to have real time, detailed information on all the trades being executed. This allows a disciplined focus on the actual orders being placed. It will enable Order Flow Matrix traders to take advantage of the activity by the other traders to provide consistent profits over time.

TFiA Order Flow Matrix enables traders to look inside the candlestick and see exactly what is happening at the micro-level in real time. It will reveal to traders how the orders are entering the market; how they are being filled and whether the orders are being executed at the offer or on the bid. Evaluating the order flow in real time will enable the trader to see how the trade is moving and in what direction.

Time and Sales data moves so fast and is so quickly out of sight that it cannot be properly assimilated. But Order Flow Matrix software can reveal trading patterns within the candlestick that the trader had never been previously aware of.

Existing market analytical practises are combined with the detailed trade data provided by the Order Flow Matrix. This provides retail traders with the best possible support to enable them to make the right trading decisions.